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What Our Customers Are Saying

Kim Paper has been an integral part of our company's success strategy. Their top notch professionalism and pricing keep us returning for business, but it’s their customer service, knowledge, and availability that set them aside from the rest of the industry. As a rapidly growing janitorial company we require dependable, progressive solutions to different building challenges. Eugene and his staff always go above and beyond at every opportunity. If you're looking for a different level of service and a relationship with a company that cares about your credibility and success this is where you want to be.

- Jessie Mouton, CEO, ABS Commercial Cleaning 

“Kim Paper have consistently provided products and services to match our needs. Their access to valuable resources supports our initiatives of continuous improvement."

- Federico Collazo, Director, Custodial Services, Leander ISD

I want to thank Kim Paper for its consistent and dependable service. They've been my most reliable provider, by a mile, and I always know that if there’s anything wrong with my order or my product that they'll make it right without me having to jump through hoops. We really appreciate it here at Ballet Austin and I have recommended them at every opportunity that I’ve had.

- Kent Pool, Facilities Manager, Ballet Austin

"MoreHands Maid Service has been using Kim Paper for quite some time now and we have always been pleased with their level of service. When I call in to place an order for the week, they always seem to have the products we need on hand. We appreciate all their efforts!

- Robert Revilla, MoreHands Maid Service

Eugene and his team at Kim Paper have been an integral part of our restaurant and catering operation over the past 5 years. The Kim Paper team is always responsive and willing to work with us as we continue to source new products. As our business has grown, they have been willing to take the necessary steps to accommodate us. Kim Paper has been a great vendor to work with and we plan to continue doing business with them for a very long time.

- Eric Silverstein, Founder, The Peached Tortilla

Kim Paper is one of the most respectful companies that I've ever had the privilege to work with. They meet all of my janitorial & custodial needs, down to purchasing equipment, chemicals and repairs! They fix all types of equipment from vacuum cleaners to floor machines. And the main thing that I like about Kim Paper is that they are local and I can just jump in my work truck and go pick up whatever I need.

- Anthony Davis, Eanes ISD Maintenance & Operation

I have been buying my supplies from Kim Paper for many years and they make the buying experience pleasant, painless and actually enjoyable. In today's VERY impersonal world, the buyng experience at Kim Paper is a very personal one which is very important to me. They have a wide range of products, are always getting new products in for us to try, and their pricing is competitive. I would highly recommend them to anyone to give them a try. You will not be sorry that you did!

- Don Tomasco, T4 Distribution

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9519 N. Interstate 35
STE 100
Austin, Texas 78753
Ph: 512-973-0808
Fx: 512-973-0909


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